A digital surround-sound system introduced by Dolby™ laboratories. The system is usually comprised of 5.1 channels (6.1 nowadays and counting)- five/six discrete channels - left, right, center/s, back left and back right. In addition one Subwoofer covers the bass (low frequency signals, representing a limited spectrum of audio, hence the .1 designation) that belongs to all channels. As the ear is not sensitive to the direction of the very low frequencies, the ''low-bass'' area, one Subwoofer is sufficient. In order to retrieve and decode AC-3 sound channels, a special amplifier/receiver is needed. The AC-3 system is also available on some digital video equipment for recording and playback, such as a DVD. Similar digital 3D sound schemes are also available such as THX®, DTS® and others, as well as Dolby surround, which is an analog scheme.
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