Compact Disk. A digital, optical-based audio, video and computer data storage medium. Audio CDs have taken over from vinyl records in the consumer field, because CD audio quality is very high and unaffected by mechanical problems. In video, CD-ROM and erasable CDs are fast penetrating into Multimedia, video editing and video recording, as digital image quality is high, suffering no generation loss. The DVD will ultimately replace the CD. Video can be recorded on a CD in several formats- low quality VCD, VCR quality SVCD and mini-DVD. The latter can store around 15 minutes of DVD quality video on a standard 700 MB CD. In the computer field, the CD ROM (Read Only Memory) system (player and disk) is used to retrieve enormous amounts of data - text and graphics - up to several hundred megabytes from one disk. Re-writable CDs (CDRW) became very popular for data storage and retrieval but the recordable DVDs with their enormous 4.7 GB storage space (and double that capacity) at an affordable price are pushing CDs into historys dustbin.
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