The aggregate of fine details available on the screen. The higher the definition of the picture, the greater the number of fine details that can be recognized on the screen. The fine details of a picture appear in the highest frequency region of the signal. As a result of the limited frequency response of magnetic tapes, of connecting cables and of the electronic circuitry employed in the recording process, the high frequency part of the video spectrum is often attenuated. Therefore, during analog video recording, picture definition is frequently impaired. This creates a loss of fine details and blurs the picture. Each additional generation of a copy of an analog videotape results in fewer and fewer fine details as losses are accumulated. Digital videotapes, due to the nature of digital storage technique, are far less sensitive to this problem. To overcome definition loss, the use of video enhancers is recommended. However, low quality video enhancing, while trying to cure the definition loss problem, generates excessive noise (snow on the screen) and the advantages of enhancing are lost. A high quality image enhancer uses a noise gate to limit the snow and noise and produces a sharp image with minimal snow.
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