In audio, this term implies undesirable changes in the waveform of a signal caused by the introduction of spurious elements. When a pure sine signal is fed into an amplifier and comes out harmonized, additional tones are created, naturally related to the original tone. This upsets the relationship between a specific tone and other tones related to it. In audio there are several distortion patterns - harmonic distortion, crossover distortion, transient distortion and intermodulation distortion. No matter what the type is, the result is unpleasant to the ear. Video distortion, like audio distortion, is the result of improper signal handling during video amplifying and processing. Video signal distortion affects the luminance or chrominance portions of the signal. It may distort the picture and produce improper contrast, faulty luminance levels, twisted images, erroneous colors and snow. The goal of a good video processor, is, as in audio, to be a ''wire with amplification'' device which does not unnecessarily affect the brightness, contrast and tonal quality of the image.
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