A machine that changes the scan rates (sync frequencies and data) of a signal to transform it to another format. If, for example, a VGA signal is to be converted to video, a Scan Converter is needed. The operation is done by converting the analog VGA signal to a digital form using an ADC, reading the information into a RAM memory, rescaling the signals and sync information and converting them back to an analog form using a DAC. Scan converters convert both the sync frequencies and the DATA information simultaneously in order to shift all into another format. Scan Converters are also used in order to match specific monitors to signals of other formats. A good example is in the medical field, where data emerging from medical equipment at non-standard rates (like from Ultra Sound scanners or CT scanners) is to be converted to VGA or video formats for processing or recording. Scan Converters are usually confined to limited formats in order to keep the price low, but there are expensive Scan Converters that convert between a large number of different formats.
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