TBC (Time Base Corrector)
A device used to rectify the results of distorted sync pulses which are due to mechanical faults (tape transport, tape stretch, etc.). TBCs are also used to synchronize two video sources to allow mixing. In the past, CCD technology was used to move or alter a video signal in an analog memory chip which was suitable for simple analog synchronization. However, CCDs had very limited memory capabilities. Therefore, digital TBCs are now common. They usually break down the video signal into its components. This is extremely flexible as it permits storage of a full frame or more in a digital memory device (RAM type chips). They operate in full bandwidth with 8 or more bit conversion schemes and are suitable for professional applications. In the digital domain a similar process is used, named reclocking, which restores stability of a digital signal by restoring the original clock signals and fixing the jittering signal with a stable time base.
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