A procedure used for combining selected portions of several video footages, or of the same footage, in order to create a new, edited version. A variety of editing consoles are available which meet several standards, e.g., 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, etc. During video editing, special effects such as cross fading, inserts, 3D effects, etc. can be added. Professional editing uses a special time code, which is printed on every frame of the magnetic or optical media. This allows for very accurate revision down to the level of a single frame. Very often, audio editing is carried out simultaneously with video editing. The PAUSE control of a VCR can do simple cut-to-cut editing. In the digital domain NLE (Non Linear Editing) systems are used nowadays, which are fully digital, mainly computer based systems. The NLE system is hardware and software based, allowing for much more versatility and effects creation.
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