A display device that projects a video or computer image on a large screen, mainly for public viewing. The first wide screen projectors had very poor quality and brightness, but today, quality and brightness is very good. The classic wide screen projector has three color tubes - red green and blue, and the image is created on the screen by blending the three colors. One of the most common problems encountered with wide screen projectors was poor alignment of the three tubes. In most high quality projectors, the alignment required to get a good superimposition of the three images on the screen is almost automatic and is much easier than in the past. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TFT driven screens, which eliminate alignment problems completely, became the heart of a new series of wide screen projectors. The TFT based projectors offer better price/performance ratios than three tube projectors. Another new generation of projectors is based on DLP / DMD (Digital Micromirrors Device) technology in which a semiconductor chip is covered with hundreds of thousands of micro mirrors that change their angle to a beam of light shining on them. This system creates an image that is much more saturated and has more contrast.
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