CCD (Charge Coupled Device)
A microelectronics chip which stores minute electric charges on a matrix of micro-capacitors. These voltages are bucketed (in the sense of a bucket brigade) from one address to another according to an external-clocking signal. This permits storage of analog memory on the chip. CCD technology was once used in audio to store a signal, which could be retrieved later to create an echo effect via retrieval delay. CCDs are at the heart of video cameras and digital still cameras. Lenses cast a beam of light on the CCD, which acts as a sensor and temporarily stores the visual image. CCDs were used to store a video signal, which was later retrieved for time base correction. Digitally storing video information is performed using digital video tapes (mini DV for example) recordable DVDs, hard disks and large flash memory chips. There are also other types of semiconductor optical sensor devices such as CMOS sensors – which differ in their characteristics, light sensitivity and noise levels.
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